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Welcome to Felt Decorations. So this is about me, Charlene and I first began felting during my A-levels.  I was studying Textiles and whilst other fellow students fixed on fashion, I was the one absorbed in craft. Some did not have the patience or the understanding; others just wanted an instant result.  I was focused on the construction of the cloth and the decoration of the finished piece.

After my foundation course, I studied Weave at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, which focused on the essence of the craft: from dyeing the fibres using natural and chemical dyes all the way through to weaving your cloth design. The basic techniques of Felting are very easy, but you need lots of time, dedication and patience to create beautiful felt pieces. 

The process begins with loose wool fibres or fleece, which are layered and rubbed together with hot water, soap and a lot of elbow grease. The friction caused from this, causes the fibres to bind together to form a dense piece of felt. Have you ever put a wool jumper in the washing machine? It shrinks! This is the effect we are recreating with the loose fleece. After the felt is made, you can go crazy with all manner of ways to use it, decorate it or wear it!

My felt pieces are all 100% handmade using merino wool, individually crafted so you can guarantee that each piece is unique. Some pieces are left as they are or embellished with hand embroidery, others turned into jewellery and wearable items.

If you would like to purchase a felt piece, please browse the website, or to discuss commissioning a design to your own colour palette please use the contact us page to send me a message, and I'll do my best to help!

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